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  • Fishing the SE Coast

    It has taken a while, but the speckled trout have finally arrived in good numbers along the SE coast. Even better, while the days have been pretty cool at daylight, they have warmed to the point shirtsleeves are all you need when the bite is on from mid-morning to late afternoon.

    Many specks died or were taken by predation during the cold winter earlier this year and not many were around during the summer. Now the young of the year are showing up in many areas and the 12 and 13 inch specks are almost a nuisance.

    When the little trout get that thick, sometimes switching to a topwater bait helps concentrate on larger fish. Those smaller ones just don't have what it takes to attack something big walking across the surface. The number of strikes will go down, but the percentage of keepers will usually go right up.

    I've been having good luck with the MirrOlure She Dogs and She Pups. These lures are made of a different plastic and sit higer in the water and are easy to work in choppy conditions. They also have multiple rattles at a higher frequency and brighter colors than the Top Dogs and Top Dog Jrs.

    Sometimes the trout are tired of seeing the same old thing and really respond to something different. The hardest thing to do is to not set the hook on seeing the strike, but waiting until you feel it. Sometimes the eye connects to the arm too fast and you miss them. This is especially important when fishing braided line.

    Good Fishing,
    Capt. Jerry Dilsaver
    Thanks for the update and advise from a fisherman thats on seen and not just trying to get people in the bait shop.