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  • First Crossbow kill, and then 2nd

    Well, this is my first post up here after being a long time reader.

    Friday afternoon I was in my stand with my Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow. I was called down out of my stand around 5:15pm to take the ATV back to someone who needed it. I ended up driving my Jeep Grand Cherokee bakc to the location of where I normally park for this particular stand and re-enetered the box stand I was sitting in(made for box hunting). At about 5:30 a doe decided to pop out the cutover behind me and stopped within 12 yards of me. I decided this would be a prime opportunity to harvest my first crossbow kill. Put the red-dot on her and fired away. Dropped her instantly. After a few moments of taking pictures from the stand I decided maybe I should re-cock the bow and wait some to see what else would show up. At about 6:10 another doe decided to come out in front of me at about 15 yards. Being in the spirit of needing some venison for some friends I decided to give it another crack, literally. Pulled the trigger and the crossbow broke right in half. This was probably the 15th shot the bow had ever seen. Found the deer later that night dead from a perfect shot.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
    I mean the crossbow was barely used, and obviously I did everything right because two deer hit the dirt. The bow broke right at the point where the string makes the T with the teflon guide. Im not sure what would cause this too happen, or what to do about it.

    Any guidance would be GREAT!

    Never would of thought Id be looking at a $450 broken crossbow in exchange for two dead doe.
    I would call barnett at 1-727-234-4962. I have a horton and love it. it's been shot over 200 times.
    all to familiar
    buddy, i feel your pain same thing happened to me i have a barnett wildcat c5! i will say barnett has excellent customer service BUT a terrible design for the cables! i ahve snapped my cables my string and had the stock completely seperate from the limbs all before bow season even started! it blows my mind but again barnett will make it right for you! they have come up with a new design that protects the cables so they dont rub on the cables! you have to call and ask barnett for the protector and ask them to send u new cables THEY WILL SEND THEM! it will take about 3 weeks to get them! i have completely changed everythign on my crossbow and opted to go with a winters choice string vs the barnett brand i have had excellent results and believe it or not with the winters choice string and cables my crossbow actually shoots about 10 to 15 fps faster than the stock string and cables!! good luck to you!
    My cousin had that same trouble but not anymore.....EXCALIBER...but it will cost you more like 900.00. The best thing is it has no cams just limbs!
    I know 2 other people who have had Barnetts blow up on them. I've been using an Excal Equinox (225 lb pull, 16' stroke, 350 fps w/ Flemish string)to kill hogs. If you get another xbow get one of these recurves. They are expensive like Viper says but there is a lifetime warranty, the machining is excellent, and the accuracy is incredible. Took a 124lb doe and a hog back-to-back in JoCo Friday evening with mine. Love it. Not as easy to hunt with as a compound, but the knock down power is second to none. Just don't take it onto heavy cover, it's hard to maneuver.
    I tagged along with a friend to get him a Xbow this year and the Proshop told him straight up that you wont find a harder shooting Xbow then a barnett but they do blow-up from time to time because they shoot so hard and like the others have said...If i was going to shoot 1 myself it would be the simple recurve design of Excalibur because i think that the less you have to go wrong with cams and such...the better and you can change the string in 20 seconds by yourself.
    Compound or Recurve???
    My friends I will say this. I can't speak for all xbows on the market but I will tell you this. I run a proshop and I have a Barnett in the shop right now that I just finished repairing for the third time and a month and a half. Funny you said what you did about where the string broke because its the exact same location for the bow I just repaired. I am not an authorized Barnett dealer but after checking the bow over carefully I found that the cable slide that Barnett uses has a small gap in it which can allow the cable to be seperated. I'll bet my bottom dollar that after the first shot it seperated and then on the second one it finally broke it. My advise would be to continue shooting what you like but ALWAYS check the bow after each shot. They have a very short and violent power stroke and can be very dangerous. Even the recurves experience the same symptoms. I have replaced the limbs on two of them this year. Good luck and be safe always.