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    First let me begin,
    Bless us oh Lord and these gifts, which we are about to receive, through thy bounty, through Christ, our Lord...Amen

    This deer I named Sky Scraper from last year. We knew he had potential, so we let him walk due to age and growth. Nothing wide but man he grew a split brow,acorn left and right, one point on the left side and appears to have a very healthy RACK!! Age 4 yrs (Note first pic was 2009)

    This will more than likely be my last post on trail Cams on great examples on what deer will look if you give them a year or two. I really hope this help! SO GOOD Luck to all the NC Sportsman Hunters!
    beautiful deer
    that's a great looking deer! good luck on getting him this year.
    Poor Deer!
    That poor deer, Creek his heads so heavy with that huge cumbersome's a wonder he doesn't drown when drinking water. You need to do something about that!
    A perfect example of what happens when you let a buck walk.
    Great Job Creek
    I agree with Dan....PERFECT EXAMPLE
    I know where that is!
    Hey creek, I think I know exactly where that stand is! Hmmmm? I can help you with that poor fella, LOL. Very nice deer and great example of QDMA.
    good god!
    hope you have 14 foot ceilings with a rack like that