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  • Real estate

    Has this become a real estate posting site?????
    Real Estate
    The site has never had any problem with people posting land they want to lease, clubs with openings and hunters looking for leases. If you've got good hunting land for sale, you'll get some looks on this site.
    Hey Bigdee
    I'm with you on this one. I am all about marketing but that's kinda rediculous. It looks like he put his whole portfolio on there.
    Classified section
    Shotgun and bigdee, we do allow such posts on the classified side of the site. We'll be watching to ensure no one is posting them on the forum.

    If you see anything that is suspect, don't hesitate to shoot me an email at I'll take a look at it, and deal with appropriately.

    Thanks for the concern.
    Car dealers???
    I guess the car adds from dealers are next????
    Bigdee, we do have authorized merchants, who pay for the right to advertise on the classifieds. Those businesses help pay for this site, keeping it a free service for our users. That means you get to post reports and classifieds, and enjoy all the other benefits of this site for free.

    Will that include auto dealers? Perhaps, but the alternative is that you and the rest of the users pay for the right to use this site.

    Obviously, that's not what we want. And I don't believe that's what you want.

    All that said, the classifieds are set up to allow users to browse through the categories and see only those ads in which they are interested. So you can easily ignore any of the ads that don't interest you.
    Classified action
    Just an update: We do take abuse of the classified section seriously, and are taking action to remove the excessive real estate ads posted on Monday by a non-paying merchant.

    We always appreciate input from you folks, so please email me at if you see anything else you believe needs attention.