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    The NCBA are about as crazy as it gets! Thank God I didn't join them a couple of years ago when I was thinking about it. I think the whole reason for bow hunting is stealth, i.e. silent hunting. Crossbows are silent. I'm an avid bow hunter and hunt along side my handicapped cousin whom uses a crossbow. I kill as many if not more deer than he does. Try cocking a crossbow in a climber tree stand. I with my Hoyt compound and six arrow quiver, have the advantage. Give me a break NCBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fellas they are about to get the crossbow hunting thrown out because they think crossbows should only be used during gun season.
    Nothing is certain about the xbow, ML bills

    The crossbow and muzzle-loader bills (allow unrestricted crossbow use during any gun season but only handicapped-hunter crossbows during archery season and keep the muzzle-loader season at one week) both have been referred to committees. You can go to the N.C. General Assembly web site and look up the bills by number (check out S1173 and S1144) and see where they're at at the present time.

    Remember, no bill can become law unless passed by the House and Senate and signed by the governor. If you read the story at the NCS web site that's obvious.

    Nothing is certain in the legislature and the delayed proposals from 2009 (two-weeks of ML hunting and unrestricted crossbow use anytime) are not certain to be 'thrown out' in this session of the legislature. Both bills could be stuck in committee and never see the light of day (or a vote) or they could come out of committees and be voted down. They're only BILLS, not law.

    Way too early to push the panic button or rip NCBA.

    I kind of think it's a neat idea to let handicapped hunters use crossbows during archery season but allow anyone to hunt with a crossbow during any gun season. That way the handicapped hunters keep their advantage over the rest of us and they certainly need it, if they're actually handicapped in some way. I know, I know. Some people cheat to get the doctor permits to get a handicapped crossbow permit. Personally, I don't know of anyone who has cheated and only know one crossbow hunter (down the street from me) and he's 75 years old and not up to pulling back a bow (arthritis).
    Dont drink the koolaid
    Viper, great to see you back on the posts, and you're absolutely correct. Having used a vertical bow for 20 years, and a crossbow in other states for 2, there is no real advantage to using one. Cocking is difficult in stands, shot distance is equal to or less than a vertical bow, crossbows are noisier, both have sights, latest technology, etc. But the NCBA, a radical group of less than 1500 members, wants to dictate how NC sportsmen and women can hunt. Sounds ALOT like the antihunting groups to me.
    At a time when the number of hunters is decreasing, we should be doing all we can to bring more people into the sport. My 9yr old daughter would love to go bow hunting with me, but we haven't found a vertical that she can successfully use. However, she can use my crossbow with the aid of the cocking device. But because of the NCBAs backpocket politicians, she will sit home or in a blind with me, unable to hunt. Inclusion, NOT exclusion!
    As for the legislature, don't forget that there are also House bills along with the Senate bills mentioned by Castnblast. And as for them not being law, that's true. But it's the simple fact that these rule changes even got challenged is what's really disappointing. Law or not, they won't be part of the 2010-2011 hunting regulations.
    And on another note, MAYBE not related to NCBA, but the no hunting on Sunday is also a shame.
    Why can I fish in a tournament (with a state issued license)on Sunday or go to a Panther's football game, or a stock car race, or a college basketball game, etc. but not hunt?
    I have always appreciated your knowledge and input however, unless the handicapped person is hunting the same tree or land that another crossbow hunter is hunting.....he's at no more a disadvantage. Let me clarify.....I will hope I never use a crossbow....I'm just speaking for the ones that will, like young kids, number one, that this could lure them in to becoming life-long supports of the sport and the elderly that might not be handicapped but, would rather be at home when the bullets start flying in gun season.
    ncba crazy as it gets
    viper your right about ncba. i also think the 10 letter rule is crazy.peta or ncba wont have any trouble getting 10 dumb a$$es to wright a letter.
    House & Senate Bills
    Don't worry yet that fat lady ain't singing. The NCBA's bills passed the first reading but they are now in committee. They'll probably die there.
    We should know in a couple of weeks what's up. I doubt all four of the bills will pass and knock out proposed regulation changes. If they're stuck in committee or just die on house/senate floor, the proposals take effect automatically at end of session.
    2010-2011 proposals?
    Are we sure that if the bills(there's actually 5) 'die' in committee or floor that they will be enacted by the NCWRC?
    According to the NCWRC site, 'Legislators have 30 days from the start of the session to propose a bill disapproving any of these rules. If no bill is proposed, the rules automatically go into effect for the 2010-11 season.'
    I interpret this as the rules that have had bills introduced will NOT be part of the 2010-2011 season, whether they pass or not. The NCWRC rules go from 7/1 to 6/30 of the following year. I don't think that they can get the rule updates incorporated in their regulation booklets before 7/1/10. Thoughts?
    Also, it's interesting that no NCBA member has posted any comments defending their actions.
    Go Figure!!!!!!
    I just can't figure it out! I know nothing has been ruled in or out yet. It's like Chevrolet introducing the new camero and then saying they want people to buy it but, they don't want to see it on the road! It's North Carolina Bow Hunter's Association.......and it's about crossbows....not shotguns! If your an organization....representing bow should be supporting all versions of bows....or change your name. NCBOSKOBHA! North Carolina But Only Some Kinds Of Bow Hunting Association!!!!!!
    I would like to know about the crossbow law. and the muzzle loader season. I need to put in for a vacation. first week of muzzle loader i hope.
    Clarification from NCWRC
    From the NCWRC newletter 6/16/10...

    With the North Carolina General Assembly back in session, many of you are wondering about the status of rules sent for legislative review last year.

    The N.C. Rules Review Commission sent the rules for review due to written opposition. By law, legislators have 30 days from the start of the legislative session to propose a bill disapproving a rule. If no bill is proposed, the rule automatically goes into effect. If a bill is introduced, the rule becomes effective on the earlier of either the day an unfavorable final action is taken on the bill or the day that session adjourns without ratifying the bill to disapprove the rule.

    Bills to disapprove rules passed by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission have been introduced and referred either to the Rules, Calendar and Operation of the House committee or to the Rules and Operation of the Senate committee. These bills must receive favorable votes from both the House and Senate chambers of the General Assembly before they become law. If they do not pass both chambers by the end of this legislative session, the Commission’s rules will go into effect.

    Bills introduced disapproving the Commission's rules are:

    HB 1857 = SB 1173 Crossbow Use/Disapprove Rule
    HB 1858 = SB 1144 Disapprove Deer Season Rule Change
    HB 1930 Disapprove Rule Change/Sunday Hunting
    HB 1918 Disapprove Rule Change/Sale of Live Foxes

    The N.C. General Assembly's website is a great tool for tracking legislation. For more information on how to track legislation, go to the General Assembly's tracking page.

    As the process moves forward, we will continue to keep you informed. Meanwhile, for more information on the delayed rules, see the Delayed Regulations Fact Sheet. For information on the rulemaking process, download “From Proposal to Regulation.”
    The House and Senate sessions usually meet until mid to late August, so we still have a couple of months before we know anything for sure. I would suggest that all contact legislators, especially those in the rules & operations committee, to make sure these bills DIE before a floor vote. Let's send a message to the NCBA that they DO NOT speak for the majority of NC sportsmen/women.
    I deer hunt with recurve, longbow, and compound the first 2 months of season here and have hunted xbow for hogs and deer elsewhere for the remainder of the season. Xbows are NOT EASIER TO HUNT WITH for any able-bodied person!

    The 'truth about crossbows' write up on the NCBA website is crap. They aren't close to being a gun, have LESS USEFUL RANGE than a modern compound shooting standard helical vane arrows, and are poorly suited to hunting in thick vegetation. Forget about follow up shots or 'twofers'. The fact that they can be 'scoped' only means it takes longer to get the prey in sight. Any chance for an 'instinctive' shot requires almost as much practice as barebow. They only excel in two factors: kinetic energy and hold time. The latter is only important if you don't have the ability to pull back a vertical bow.

    If NCBA's motivation is to give handicapped hunters an advantage, why not lobby the legistlature for a handicapped-only season and eliminate competition? Why simply ask that able-bodied folks not be allowed to use a traditional (2000+ years old) archery weapon? NCBA's legislative agenda has more to do with an imagined lifestyle than preserving opportunity for the handicapped.

    Personally, I want to use any archery tackle I want any time in season that I want to address any hunting situation that I want to address. Why wouldn't any hunter?

    If you truly value bowhunting and are serious about archery you will support crossbow hunting in the current archery season, and tell your state senate representatives so in no uncertain terms.
    good lord!!!!!!!
    i guess everyone has an opinion an some try to sway others to do or believe as they do but heres the thing: if you hunt or fish legally and purchase the license and equipment to do so, then everyones tax money goes toward the same conservation. i mean give us a break north carolina my goodness this is rediculous if we all went to ga or sc then what they dont realize is there would be no need for a governing body and they could work for a living like the rest of us. i hunt in several states and all of them care more about there hunters and fisherman more than here in my home state and it shows greatly. they appreciate the fact that they have a job because of US not the hikers and bicycle riders . as for the ncba they need to realize that a house divided falls and if we dont stick together its coming.if it slings an arrow its archery equipment and should be hunted with as such. dont persecute me and others because i dont want to be like you cause i hate to say it but being a part of ncba aint all that. lets all come together for a common goal or watch our rights be taken from us a little at a time cause we wont conform. get over yourself ncba