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  • Daughter's First Turkey

    It was begining to look pointless. We hadn't seen anything. We hadn't even heard anything. My daughter was getting disappointed. She was growing more frustrated by the hour. Every shot was like a stone in our stomachs. We were both about ready to throw in the towel.
    We had gone all the way up to Lenoir county for this hunt. We got there the Friday before youth day and fished in the ponds. We ate good that night. We went to bed early with full stomachs and high hopes.
    When we got up, we headed straight for the blind. As the sun came up, we heard a few gobbles, but nothing encouraging. I tried calling but nothing would come in. We heards shots all through the morning. When we got back, we had lunch then went back out.
    We went to a different blind. Again, we didn't hear much. Shots were fired all around us. Bored and disappointed, my daughter started playing with my phone. Then we heard a gobble. I used my mouth call and answered it. It gobbled back. I called again. Nothing. So I stopped. We waited. And waited. And waited. Still nothing.
    After about a half hour, I looked out the window. There were 4 gobblers and 2 jakes right there. I moved my daughter into position. We really wanted the one with the double beard, but he moved too quickly. We took the next best one. I don't know who was happier, me or her.
    The turkey weighed 21 lbs., had a 10 3/4 in. beard, and 1 in. spurs. Looks like 9 hours in the blind paid off.
    ~Proud Dad
    Daughter's First Turkey
    You are a good dad to take your daughter hunting and after bagging a bird like that I'll be she is ready to go again. You have a right to be a proud dad!