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  • cape fear area deer

    was curious if anyone knows of any deer hunting clubs in or around pender or brunswick counties or any other counties close by. i will be moving down there from the mountains and need a quality place to hunt, mainly bow and muzzleloader but a little gun too. any help is appreciated as its hard to find somewhere when youre 380 miles email is thanks
    Cape Fear area deer

    The October issue of NC Sportsman will have a statewide game lands roundup that includes a deer section for each of the state's regions (east, central, west).

    As for deer or bear clubs, contact the NC Bear Hunters Association for bear (of course).

    It seems there's not a lot of deer-dog hunting by clubs in the southeast. It's mostly loose associations of friends who deer-dog hunt. If you Google N.C. deer dog hunters or NC hunting clubs, you might come up with some names.

    As for public-lands hunting in the Wilmington area, there's a relatively new game land called Juniper Creek (about 19,000 acres). Tommy Hughes, the WRC's chief eastern biologist, noted it has deer and bear 'but it's also got cottonmouths and rattlesnakes.'

    You should be OK hunting in the southeast for deer or bear, but I'd advise wearing knee-length boots or snake chaps, especially if you are walking around in the dark, going to a deer stand in Sept. or Oct. When it gets cold weather, the snakes should hibernate and you shouldn't have to worry as much. But if you step over a log or on one, the reaction is likely to be defensive (a strike).

    Let me say snakes are gonna move AWAY from humans as a first reaction. But encounters with humans are possible. I don't recall a snake bite down east from a cottonmouth or rattler to a hunter in years, so this is uncommon. But Hughes felt like he needed to tell hunters the snakes are there.

    Juniper Creek is mostly in Bruswick and Columbus counties off NC 211, which runs through the Green Swamp. You also can go to the WRC web site,, and view a map of this game land. Or you can buy one of the game land map books. Part of it is a bear sanctuary.

    Green Swamp Game Lands (15,430 acres) also is in Brunswick County and NC 211 (on the way to Southport) also runs by that game land.

    Angola Bay and Holly Shelter game lands are just to the north of Wilmington in Pender County. They've got deer and bear too, along with small game.

    You've got plenty of public land to hunt in southeastern NC; go scout for a good spot.

    You can buy the Oct. issue of NCS for a larger rundown of NC game lands.

    Craig Holt
    look in the wilmington star news paper's classifieds. Theres usually a couple of clubs in there.