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    7-22-09 We were joined today by Lou Duke of St. James and Greg White along with his son Garrett and daughter Tess, as well as Raymie Perfett, all from Mars, Pennsylvania. Capt. Butch went in search of the fish and we started out trolling some minnows for Kings and Mahi. We were blessed with a nice King Mackerel skillfully landed by Lou and then a Mahi hit and brought an entire school up under the boat with him. The crew ended up by bailing 4 more Mahi and Raymie found a hungry Remora to bring on board for pictures.
    Shortly after the Kings and Mahi seemed to shut down and we decided to go after some bottom fish. The current was 'screaming' and it was nearly impossible to get a 16oz weight to the bottom but the crew ended up pulling about 100lbs of bottom fish up from the deep. Then Greg hooked into a 35lb Amberjack that stretched his arms!
    Tess hooked into a Nurse Shark that nearly pulled her out of the boat; but after a tough fight the shark was brought aboard and the superb crystal white meat was harvested! A great trip with good fishing!
    Fish ON!
    Capt's Butch and Chris Foster
    910 845-2004