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  • hunting

    i was wondering if anyone knows were i can get in a hunting club or lease some land i am new here from AR and have not been able to find land to hunt
    game lands are your best bet now
    until you make some contacts at private land, if you want.

    For this season, go to a 'wildlife cooperator agent' (such as Wal-mart or any place that sells NC fishing and hunting licenses) and ask if they have a Fishing, Hunting & Trapping Regulations Digest (to get state laws and also names of game lands in the back). These booklets are free. THEN ask for the GAME LANDS MAP BOOK. It'll give you the mapped out locations of all NC game lands. But they cost $10. So you'll have the free booklet that tells you what you can hunt at all game lands, then the $10 book that tells you EXACTLY how to drive to all NC game lands.

    From there you figger it out yourself.

    The managing editor
    hunting club
    I'm a member of a club in eastern NC. We have some openings for RESPONSIBLE hunters. We have 8 different farms in two counties. Contact me if you want some more info.
    game lands
    Just do your homework and the game lands will work fine. We have a lease and hunt game lands. I kill just as many deer on the game lands as I do the lease. I killed one last night out at Jordan Lake. Get out there now! They were chasing does all over the oak ridges last night.