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  • Ques. for Capt. Jerry

    Captain Jerry:

    I fish out of Beaufort Inlet, NC and want to fish the 'East Side' of Cape Lookout but don't want to have to go out to the 'Knucle Buoy' to cross the shoals. Do you know of a route the would skirt a 20' footer through? Thanks, Chris
    slough buoy
    Based on a chart I have, there should be a west slough buoy and an east slough buoy. I have been with some friends when we ran this route in a 23' contender. The approx coordinates based on my chart are:

    west slough buoy loran: 27083.1 39656.1
    east slough buoy loran: 27076.1 39676.2

    Note, the chart says these are approximate b/c occasionally the markers get moved.
    Be careful as Jerry said.
    Both east and west slough bouys have been removed since last year. Slot not Slough is safer.
    Thanks for the info -
    I'm gonna try the queens cut this spring as i've taken it while on the Stacy and i couldnt beleive how close to shore it is and the Stacy draws 2-3 times what my boat does. cjh