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  • I like ducks

    I think I might be seeing a few more ducks around the triangle area. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing birds around Jordan, Harris, and Falls. Maybe someone is even seeing some birds on the river? I haven't gotten to hunt much recently but I would like to stay up on it. The birds I have seen are on little local ponds or flying. Are they here yet???

    Also thanks ECU Engineer for the comment on the previous post.
    I appreciate the response.
    Ringnecks in the Triangle
    My buddies up in Raleigh have been seeing and shooting ringnecks off Raleigh Road like mad so far this year. They have also seen lots of teal and chickens on Harris Lake. I can't get you any closer without revealing some secrets and I haven't been up there shooting yet this season.
    Hunted Jordan last Monday. Saw much more than earlier in the year. It is getting better!