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  • Where is the best place to locate wreck coordinates?

    Is there a chart or set of charts or another location that is best for locating coordinates for wrecks and AR's off of Cape Lookout. I like your example above because I am from Louisiana and new to the area. My roommate and I trolled from 1700 rock to D wreck this weekend with a little luck. There just doesn't seem to be the sort of readily available structure or bottom variation I am used to fishing off the coast of Louisiana. We have one chart with about 50 or so locations(including buoys). Where are the fish or the hotspots? Dolphin? Tuna? Wahoo? Kings? Grouper? Snapper? Amberjacks?
    We have been launching from Beaufort but will go from Harkers Island most likely next time out. We are working with a 17' Boston Whaler, a garmin legend handheld, and a humminbird depth/ fish finder. We have had a few hookups but just aren't dragging them in like I am used to. Open to suggestion, Chris Doerner- Raleigh
    AWOIS is the #1 Source
    ~ Captain Paul’s Response ~

    I don’t know of any ONE publication that shows all that you asked for as a single item, but there are several sources that can provide you with the needed information.

    Using a NOAA marine chart for the area you are interested, access the NOAA Office of Coast Survey's Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System (AWOIS). You can reach the site at

    The free AWOIS data bank contains information on approximately 10,000 submerged wrecks and obstructions in the coastal waters of the United States. Information includes latitude and longitude of each feature along with brief historic and descriptive details.

    If you have a general idea of the Latitude and Longitude, you can search for and find all wrecks and obstructions within your described search area. Or you can search those sites located within a designated chart. It as then easy to then copy the positions of the described sites and then enter them into your GPS unit.

    ~ Captain Paul ~