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    PEEP SIGHT TIP. If you have trouble with your peep at low light here is a tip for you!!!! Put a piece of tape one inch in size on the wall eye level.Stand back 10 feet from the wall and take your pins off of your bow.Or whatever kind of sight you use. Now look at the piece of tape. Then close your eyes and draw your bow AFTER you anchor your release hand behind your jaw or thumb behind your neck by the way sir your draw is too long if you do that. Open your eyes when you anchor. If you have to move your head to see through your peep then it is not set correct. MOVE YOUR PEEP NOT YOUR HEAD Adjust your peep up or down until when you do it you can see the piece of tape in the center of your peep.

    Now if you are tired of not being able to see through your peep at low light. And you have a good anchor on your face then do the same process but have someone mark your string with whiteout where it touches the tip of your nose at full draw. If it does not again your draw is too long. Or you have a bad anchor point. Now when you have this mark let down and tie a piece of serving over the white out or dental floss will work. Burn the ends after you tie it off. Now you draw and touch that serving to your nose each time you draw back and put your pin on the target. Close range the first time you will need to move your pins. You can now shoot with both eyes open unless you are left eye dominate. NO NEED FOR A PEEP ANYMORE. YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD ANCHOR POINT OR YOU ARE OUT!!!!!!
    Interesting. I've got a buddy who has never used a peep. Never understood how he aimed, but he kills deer.