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  • Getting your rifle ready... Doe Day

    Make sure that you have your rifle dialed in to shoot consistent groups inside a quarter at 100 yards before trying to shoot head shots. I shoot my 7mm with a 140 grain round and often shoot during the summer to stay tuned up. I prefer to shoot deer, with the one shot one kill mentality. I often practice shooting targets that are smaller than a doe's head and therefore will feel confident when a doe steps out that I can accurately take a clean head shot. If you plan on shooting head shots, you could try and practice with. Water balloons hanging from a 2 x 4 . I find that works very well. Targets are easy to replace and inexpensive. ENJOY!

    South Carolina Sportsman Field Representative
    Brian M. Carroll
    Mount Pleasant, SC
    head shots
    before I moved to South Carolina I had always shot deer in the vitals or double lunged them. I realized the upside of shooting head and or neck shots once I moved here and got introduced to the thick briars thanks to a young buck I double lunged. My rifles will consistently shoot 1/2MOA and I know that when I pull the trigger the bullet is going right where I aim. I have all too often seen guys at the range that are happy shooting 3 inches at 100 yards. A rifle that shoots these kind of groups at 100 yards should best be kept to vitals and lungs. I would hate for someone to take a head or neck shot when they can't make the shot, and end up injuring the deer. The water balloon trick is a good idea, I line up beer caps, either will do the trick. I only shoot head or neck now, unless it's going on the wall.
    Good Hunting!