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  • edisto river flatheads

    a few pic of some cats, these were caught on limb lines.this my boy dillon,we havent been in a while.
    How big is the biggest?
    What do you bait the hook with?
    Way to go man!
    Capt. 'Teach'
    edisto river flatheads
    What was the live bait: bream, crappie, shad or goldfish?
    How's the redbreast fishing in the river right now? Any luck?
    Nice catches
    Good catches. It's definitely getting to be the right time of year for bush-lining.
    if youve never been bush hookin youre really missin out .sorta like trail cams ,set it, come back & check could set 10 min. or 5 to 6 hours.when you come around the river bend and shine the limb and see that limb moving its like you cant get there quick enuf.usually the more the limb is dancing the bigger the fish.i use live bait,flatheads would rather have live bait and thats the biggest problem ,bait.i believe cats will bite all year, my best is in may-june, according to the rivers height.ive caugt them up to 65lb.the one in the pic i would say around 48lb.i may run lines 2 nites in a row then i tie the caught cats on a rope held by a concrete block in shallow water where i can see um to keep em live til i clean um.
    red breast ,where are you?
    redbreast has been touchy; seems like you just got to be at the rite place at the rite time.more people fishing for reds now than ever also that is one of the flatheads favorite food.a 40lb cat will probobly eat 10 or more a day some could be handsize reds.i think they do the reds the most damage. by the way ,i fish the big edisto around branchville.
    DHEC fish consumption advisories
    It's up to you , of course, but DHEC does not advise eating any flathead catfish out of the Edisto River because of high mercury levels. If you are going to eat some, the smaller fish will have a lot less mercury than the big ones. Just one more reason to throw the big boys back.

    Here's the DHEC web link