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  • Wateree River Bass Fishing

    The Wateree River has had pretty low water levels lately, and while that can make things tough from a navigational standpoint, it is excellent for bass fishing. The outside bends of rivers like the Wateree typically have the deepest water, so bass will go there seeking the higher oxygen content and cooler water. Toss an enticing looking lure in there and you'll get bit often enough to make the trip very well worth it. Spinnerbaits are working well in these holes, and according to Sumter's Ken Nutter, you're better off throwing spinnerbaits in the 5/16th-ounce size. He says they fall slower and offer a more realistically sized presentation to these fish than anything bigger.

    In the early mornings, buzzbaits work well behind downed logs when the water is low like it is now. Any break in what little current is present will make the water almost completely still. Fish the buzzbaits parallel to the downed logs and trees to cover the most area. Have another rod armed with a weightless plastic worm or creature bait, and if a fish swipes at, but misses, your buzzbait, cast the plastic lure right were the fish hit. Let it slowly sink, but pay close attention for another strike.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter