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  • Before You Put the Boat in the Water

    Frankie at Frankie's Marine Service in Seneca says, “You need to check out your boat, motor, and trailer the day before you go on the water for the first time.”

    The first thing to do is check the battery water and charge. Remember if the battery water is low, add only distilled water. If the charge is good on the battery, then you are ready to try the motor.

    You can try the motor buy using an inexpensive engine flusher or “muffs.” Clamp the engine flusher over the engine' s water intake on the lower unit (above the prop and below the skeg) and hook the flusher up to a garden hose. Frankie says, “ Do not run the motor without water! It only takes five seconds to burn up your water pump (impeller).”

    If you added fuel stabilizer to the the fuel last fall, the engine should turn over. If the motor will not turn over or is running rough, you might want to make an appointment with a mechanic. Frankie says that he is already two weeks behind on work.

    Lastly, check the trailer. Are the tires inflated to their correct psi and in good condition? Are the bearings free from slinging grease? Are the winch and tiedown straps in good shape? You would hate to be on the side of the road before you got to the water.

    Having a good day on the water only takes about an hours work of preparation. Don't be the guy on the ramp that is holding everyone up because he can't start his boat. Also, don't forget to put the plug in!

    SC Sportsman Field Reporter
    Capt. Glenn “Teach” Corley