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  • Wood Ducks

    Wood Duck Production Project

    The South Carolina Waterfowl Association (SCWA) has a program called the Wood Duck Production Project that allows landowners to help with the largest wood duck program in the United States. The program involves SCWA technicians installing nesting boxes on your land in places that wood ducks frequent. These nesting boxes have predator barriers installed to keep out snakes, raccoons, and other predators, giving the eggs and ducklings a better than average chance to survive.

    SCWA technicians donít just install the nesting boxes and hope for the best. They check the nesting boxes periodically and keep records of what is happening with those boxes. This helps them get a good feel for the successfulness of the program and helps them determine if some of the nesting boxes need to be relocated.

    The plantation where I hunt is involved in this program, and the most recent report shows that of the 18 nesting boxes installed in various locations throughout our site, 7 of these nesting boxes were being used by wood ducks, with 5 of those boxes either incubating eggs or having eggs that successfully hatched. This is a 71% success rate resulting in approximately 55 wood ducklings hatched on our property for 2009.

    Want to be a part of this project? If so contact the SCWA and see if your land qualifies. There is no cost to you and it goes a long way in improving the waterfowl populations of the Palmetto State. For more information check out

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Representative