Based on continued monitoring of the flooding situation and additional input from staff in the field the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) has expanded the temporary hunting closure zone (issued on 9/17/2018) to encompass more of the Pee Dee River drainage.  

Additional area was added to the closure zone near Johnsonville and Hemingway in the southern end of the drainage, as well as near Cheraw in the northern end of the drainage. SCDNR staff will continue to monitor the status of floodwaters and make adjustments to these zones as necessary. To ensure you are getting the latest information, please continue to check the SCDNR website for the latest updates.

Due to the extreme high river level and widespread flooding following Hurricane Florence, the SCDNR has declared a temporary closure for hunting within the Pee Dee and Waccamaw river drainage systems on all game species except for alligator, doves, teal, Canada geese, hogs and coyotes. The flooding has created potential for exploitation of game species that are deprived of their normal escape routes and confined to small areas of high ground.  

Effective at 12:01 am on Wednesday, September 19th, a 10-day closure of the hunting season for all game species excluding alligator, dove, teal, Canada geese, hogs and coyotes will be in effect.  The current closure will continue until 11:59 pm on Friday, September 28th, 2018. DNR will continue to monitor flooded areas to adjust the closure zones and timeframes as conditions change. Any changes will be posted on the SCDNR website.This closure affects all public and private lands included within the areas described (see link below).

Click this link for more information and maps of the closure areas.