Who’s ready to kill some coyotes? The 7th annual WeHuntSC Predator Competition is scheduled for March 3 – 5, and hunters can win great prizes while doing their part to lessen the numbers of one of the southeast’s most nuisance animals.

Usually held in January, the organization received many requests to change the competition’s dates until later in the year, so they are accommodating those wishes with the new dates. Another change for this year is that the SCDNR’s new Coyote Harvest Incentive Program will be in effect. So, in addition to the prizes offered by WeHuntSC, participants could win a lifetime hunting license and additional prizes from SCDNR.

While a number of prizes are currently listed for the competition, this list is ever-changing, and is expected to be even more robust by the time the competition dates roll around. But one thing is for sure, everyone who registers for the competition and shows up for the check in will be given a ticket for a gun giveaway by The Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Additional tickets are awarded for each coyote brought to check-in, so the more coyotes you kill, the better chance you’ll have at winning the gun. 

And here’s some great news. It’s free to enter the competition. So outside of the cost of your hunting license and your own equipment, there’s no charge to be involved in what has become the state’s premier predator hunting competition.

The event is also open to out-of-state participants, so make sure to tell your out-of-state friends about it. Click here for more information and to register for the event. And register now, because the first 25 teams to sign up get three extra tickets for the gun giveaway.