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  • REDFISH LIMIT'S by 10:30 a.m.

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    For the second day in a row Capt. Sal Fontana Jr. took my place and also limited out on REDFISH by 10:30 a.m. With the winds blowing stronger than the previous day it was straight to the marsh for redfish. First stop 2 reds one after another and then completely nothing. Ran to a second stop and Jerry and his 3 young anglers was treated to fast and Furious Redfish action from the first cast. Within the next hour 25 REDFISH were in the box and it was now time to play. Made one more stop and put 2 flounder in the box and then headed to the dock for some relief from the heat. The action in Hopedale and Black bay are heating up fast. Call Capt. Sal today at 504-812-7773 and book your trip while dates are still available.